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The installation service company is a subsidiary of Sichuan Dachuan Compressor Co., Ltd. It is a new company formed by the merger of the original customer service center, installation service department, parts sales department, freight department, and final assembly factory to meet the needs of the headquarters restructuring. Mainly responsible for the final assembly, debugging, inspection, packaging, warehousing, and shipping of various products produced by the headquarters; And we also undertake the installation, debugging, item repair, major repair, renovation and other services for various imported and domestic large and medium-sized process compressors, motorcycle compressors, large and medium-sized injection molding machines, aluminum profile extrusion machines, and non-standard equipment. For many years, the company has provided excellent services to customers with good professional ethics, professionalism, and perfect craftsmanship, and has gained widespread recognition.

At present, the company has an installation and debugging production site of 7000m2, five cranes, and can meet the lifting capacity of 50 tons. The test bench can meet the installation and debugging requirements of large units and large injection machine units.

The headquarters has three provincial-level research units: Sichuan Compressor Research Institute, Sichuan Plastic Machinery Research Institute, and Sichuan Air Compressor Product Quality Supervision and Testing Station, relying on their strong technical and manufacturing capabilities. Our company has successively developed natural gas booster compressor units (CNG dedicated compressors), oil-free lubrication air compressor units (instruments, food, pharmaceutical), and small compressor sets containing various media such as oxygen, hydrogen, and petroleum gas.

Provide various compressor spare parts and components produced by our company for a long time, and research and design various compressor modifications according to user requirements.

The company obtained the ISO9001 quality system certificate in 1997. We will provide fast services with the principle of honesty and quality first. We welcome new and old customers to come to the company for communication, guidance, and business negotiations.

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Supervisor: Zhang Jianwu 13882915926

Service hotline: 028-60392764

Fax: 028-60392751


Postal Code: 641400


After sales/accessories:13882915926  

Zhang Jianwu (Manager)

Address: Jianshe West Road, Jianyang City, Sichuan Province

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