Subordinate industries

Jianyang Dachuan Forging and Heating Co., Ltd. was formed by the merger and restructuring of the forging branch and heat treatment branch under Sichuan Dachuan Compressor Co., Ltd. Our company has a professional history of over 30 years in forging and heat treatment production. In addition to providing various forgings and heat treatment processes for our compressor products, we also provide long-term outsourcing and processing services for various materials.

Excellent equipment capabilities

Forging equipment: The company currently has 3T steam hammer, 1T electro-hydraulic hammer, 750Kg air hammer, and 560Kg air hammer.

Heat treatment furnace: 350KW medium temperature trolley furnace (1MX1MX8M), 315KW medium temperature trolley furnace (1.5MX1.2MX4M), 140KW high temperature trolley furnace, well type nitriding furnace (4.2M, 2.5M each), well type carburizing furnace, 120KW high-frequency quenching machine tool, 75KW salt bath furnace.

Auxiliary equipment: 300T and 60T hydraulic straightening machines and other specialized equipment for forging and heating, as well as auxiliary equipment. The 3T steam hammer will undergo an electric liquefaction transformation in March next year and be equipped with an operating machine with greater clamping force, which will further expand the forging capacity.

Perfect quality assurance

Our company has been certified by the ISO9001 quality management system since 2000 and has the qualification to design and manufacture high-pressure vessels and Class III low and medium pressure vessels. Our company also has comprehensive quality testing methods and capabilities. We have a physical and chemical testing center and a non-destructive testing room within the company, which can conduct various physical and chemical performance tests on workpieces and provide effective quality certification documents.

Contact information:

General Manager: Zou Ke 13778996699

Tel: 028-27325501

Fax: 028-27013198


After sales/accessories:13882915926  

Zhang Jianwu (Manager)

Address: Jianshe West Road, Jianyang City, Sichuan Province

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