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Jianyang Dongfang Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a private joint-stock enterprise specializing in the production and manufacturing of power station equipment, complete sets of power equipment and spare parts, technical consulting for power equipment, engineering design for power stations, and installation of complete sets of power station equipment.

The company is composed of the chairman, supervisor, board of directors, etc. The company focuses on small and medium-sized hydropower projects, mainly developing, producing and manufacturing hydroelectric generator sets, water turbines, generators, auxiliary equipment, spare parts, etc. that meet different parameters.

At present, the company has undertaken the manufacturing of Reel for the 125MW water turbine runner in Yahe, Guizhou, the processing and production of Vane for the Wujiangdu blade in the Three Gorges project, the production of two 10MW unit runners at Dahua Hydropower Station in Guizhou, the production of three 10MW unit runners at Jiudian Gorge in Gansu, and the production of three 10MW unit runners at Mengshi Power Station in Jianyang, Sichuan × Design, manufacturing, and installation of the complete set of equipment for a 5MW low head Water Head axial flow Kaplan Turbine turbine unit. Sichuan Provincial Power Plant Complete Set Company 2 × The complete set of equipment and services for the 1700MW axial flow fixed slurry Paddle unit. Sichuan Tuojiang Hongjian 1 × 1MW, 3 × Design, manufacturing, installation, etc. of the complete set of equipment for a 2MW unit.

The company is constantly innovating with a rapidly developing trend, pursuing excellence, honesty and trustworthiness, and satisfying different customers with high-quality products and comprehensive services.


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