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When you are glancing over Dachuan website, it is also having a taste of (appreciating )our Dachuan people’s real sincereness. The sun and the moon alternately things change. Nowadays, the humanbeings has been proudly standing on the hotspot of twenty-first century, getting the feeling that burst of hot air is coming for the trends of globlization and informatization times. Dachuan riding on the great winds, condensing all the intelligence and efforts, contention will, hard work aheading, has made the Dachuan business flourishing with each passing day, and has been making the Dachuan as the leading enterprise among the compressors trade all over the country.All the time, I have been believing that the symbiosis between the enterprise and the client is very harmony, and I also deelpy appreciate the idea “the enterpries is social justice”.  Dachuan has adopt the business idea of “Not for the largest, but for the strongest, seeking for a century enterprise”,  when paying attention to the enterprise development, Dachuan has taken more concern on improvement in society anticipation and development with the society at synchronous coordination step.

 “Sincerely for the people, integrity of management,humanist management(putting people first)” is our basic quality (our foundation/foothold). Looking forward our future(prospect), our Dachuan people will insist the scientific development concept with Dachuan people’s proudness and belief, cutting through the wind and waves on our way towards, bravely going forwards, through thinking innovation, management innovation, scientific & technical innovation, sales innovation and service innovation to build up a bright future for the society, clients, enterprises and staff. Nowadays, we are in a prosperous period and forwarding together with the times, we will make our whole effort to revitalize the national industry and the Chinese Nation. Hereon, I would like to invite sincerely friends from all the trades to visit Dachuan, and go forward together for the bright and prosperous future, and build up a great undertaking--- To realize the Chinese Dream

                                                                                                                                                      From CEO Mr. Luo



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