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Sichuan Dachuan Compressor Co., Ltd

Dachuan Sales Company

Sales company email: dcsales2018 #

Technical Center Email: designdc #

Office phone: 028-60392768/028-60392746/028-60392747/028-60392748

Fax: 028-60392751

Li Hongsong (General Manager Assistant, Sales Company Manager, Technical Center Director): 13982911783

Deng Shaosheng (Manager of Northern Company): 13982927000

Li Min (North Area Manager): 13982951209

Zheng Tifa (Manager of Northwest Company): 13982937188

Yang Xun (Manager of Southern Company): 13882966896

Zhou Tao (Southern Area Manager): 18628046169

Special Compressor Company

Sales hotline: 028-60392749

Li Zuoliang (General Manager)

Tel: 13980385802

Email: 13980385802 #

shenyang branch

Liu Fangxin (Manager)

Mobile phone: 13840098928

Tel: 024-25510859/25608000

Fax: 024-25519741

Accessories Center: 028-60392763

Zhang Jianwu (Manager): 13882915926

After sales service center: 028-60392763


Zhang Jianwu (Manager): 13882915926

Yang Bin (Deputy Manager): 13882951168

Luo Jianjun (Deputy Manager): 13882925966

Production Management Center: 028-6039275

Liu Yong (General Manager Assistant): 13882913565

Production Department: 028-60392760

Sun Hong (Minister): 13982915515

Material Procurement Department: 028-27018272

Xu Xing (Minister): 13708245332

Non compressor projects of the company:

Chen Hong (Vice President of the Company): 13708245780

Note: Please replace '#' with the '@' symbol when sending emails


After sales/accessories:13882915926  

Zhang Jianwu (Manager)

Address: Jianshe West Road, Jianyang City, Sichuan Province

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